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Coming in March 2020 – The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes!

The first book in my new chapter book series, The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes, is out soon with New Frontier Publishing. It’s the story of nine-year-old Zoe Jones, a girl with a delicious secret. She is the famous pastry chef, Zinnia Jakes! Join Zoe, her best friend Addie and her cat Coco on their amazing adventures to make and deliver the best cakes the world has ever seen!

Book 1 is called The Crumbling Castle. When Zinnia Jakes gets a new pastry order for a special medieval crumbling cake, she has no idea where to start! It needs to be ready in less than a day for the school fair and the clock is ticking. Will she deliver it on time and remain the undercover secret pastry chef everyone talks about?